Kernel module symbol conflicts

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We use a setup with multiple network controllers, and so far only one of them is realtime capable.
The issue is, that there are nonRt and Rt drivers active at the same time (igb statically builtin and rt_igb as module).

And while it works, I got some irregular weird crashes. Is there an issue with the loaded rt_igb module having a lot symbols
that are identically named with the igb driver?

Does that mean the rt_igp module will use the exported functions/variables from the igb driver,
as a normal dynamic linker would?

Whats the policy of xenomai, should this even work (igp and rt_igp at the same time)?

Example of conflicting symbols:

# cat /proc/kallsyms | grep ' T igb_config'
ffffffff94f3b2e0 T igb_configure_tx_ring
ffffffff94f3b6f0 T igb_configure_rx_ring
ffffffff94f49c30 T igb_config_collision_dist
ffffffff94f49d50 T igb_config_fc_after_link_up

# nm /lib/modules/4.14.94-xeno2-static/kernel/drivers/xenomai/net/drivers/igb/rt_igb.ko | grep ' T igb_config'
0000000000004db0 T igb_config_collision_dist
0000000000004eb0 T igb_config_fc_after_link_up
000000000000dd60 T igb_configure_rx_ring
000000000000d9f0 T igb_configure_tx_ring

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