Still More Slackspot Issues - Patch Included

Philippe Gerum rpm at
Fri Mar 22 16:51:30 CET 2019

On 3/22/19 12:31 AM, Stephen D. Cohen via Xenomai wrote:
> Folks,
>      Some time back I submitted a patch for the slackspot issue
> regarding when to remove the vm_start offset from the program counter
> in the relax handling mechanism in debug.c. My solution had the
> unfortunate flaw that it peeked into the actual ELF section headers in
> the running system (ewww...) and was deemed unworthy. The solution
> that got implemented, using VM_DENYWRITE to detect dynamic objects,
> has the unfortunate flaw of not working with position independent
> executable programs. The very problem that got me started in the first
> place.
>      As luck would have it, I recently needed slackspot to figure out
> some issues with our application. So I set out to make it work again.
> In the process, I also found another issue - when the target
> application uses inline routines, all the spots in the same file past
> the inlined routine are reported incorrectly. This is due to slackspot
> assuming a 1:1 mapping between addresses and reported results. The
> inlined routines actually report two sets of results for each address.
>      So I propose the attached solution. Move the trouble of
> identifying the ELF object type out of the kernel and put it in
> slackspot instead. Just store both the pc and vm_start for every spot,
> then figure it all out in slackspot. Slackspot then uses elfread to
> determine if the file is a dynamic object or not (if it is EXEC, it is
> not dynamic, otherwise it needs to have vm_start taken off). I also
> fixed the inline issue.

Ack, moving the symbol resolution to user-space just makes sense.


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