Cobalt compatible distribution

Alec Ari neotheuser at
Tue Mar 19 00:42:09 CET 2019

Oh boy, just when I thought I understood your question.

Xenomai git sources currently supports the 4.4 series, 4.9 series, and 4.14.

If you want 4.14 support, use this one:

Then follow this guide, starting at "Installing the Cobalt core:"

Basically the steps are, for 4.14:

$ git clone
$ git clone

$ cd ipipe-x86 && bash ../xenomai/scripts/ --arch=x86
$ make menuconfig

Enable IPIPE, Cobalt core, etc. configure to your needs. I'm going off memory here but I'm pretty sure that's it, kernel side anyway.

When you're done:

$ cd xenomai && ./scripts/bootstrap && ./configure && make && sudo make install

For configure parameters:

$ ./configure --help

Alright, am I missing anything?


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