Cobalt compatible distribution

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Mon Mar 18 19:00:47 CET 2019


I do realize the kernel is modified as part of Cobalt installation. This 
is certainly why only specific kernels are supported. Which is why I was 
looking for a distribution which shipped with a supported kernel.

I was neither expecting nor looking to distrowatch for a distribution 
which included Cobalt. All I was looking to distriwatch for was a 
distribution which shipped with a kernel version supported by Cobalt. I 
found none, which is why I went to the community.

In the absence of any such distribution that ships with a supported 
kernel, I will fall back to selecting a distribution whose kernel can 
easily be updated to a Cobalt supported kernel version. At the moment, 
Ubuntu seems a very likely source. If you would suggest a specific 
distribution and version I would be most appreciative.

Thank you for your assistance.


On 3/16/2019 2:44 AM, Alec Ari wrote:
> Hi,
> Cobalt enabled vs cobalt supported, what is the difference here? Cobalt is part of Xenomai, you patch the kernel using and you enable the Cobalt kernel config option via Kconfig menu. If you want to write an RTDM driver, the kernel must be patched and configured appropriately.
> The Xenomai/Cobalt stuff is all distro-independent, ipipe and all is kernel space. You won't find anything about Cobalt on distrowatch.
> I didn't insult you, I said that if you're looking for a distribution with a Xenomai kernel shipped with it because building from scratch is too big a task, you're better off avoiding writing a driver.
> If you're serious about doing this, just build the kernel yourself and work on your driver with whatever distro you want. Some distros/desktop environments offer lower latency than others by the time you're all done, but that's really about it. LXDE/LXQt might give you better scores than let's say GNOME/KDE.
> Does this answer your question? If not, let me know what I'm missing as I'm doing my best to help.
> Alec
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