Application compile problem when use RTnet

李冰 bingli at
Sun Mar 17 08:35:39 CET 2019

Hi everyone:

   I am new to RTnet. I am using xenomai + RTnet in Ubuntu,Xenomai version
3.0.5,  Linux kernal version 4.9.38. And the ethernet card is Intel e1000.

  I am going to program use RTnet to communicate with another device called
RTDS. And I can’t find any example in except demo in Xenomai 2. So I try to
compile the demo code in Xenomai 2.But I got an error when I compile the
demo code. The code in demo is as below:


#include <alchemy/task.h>

#include <rtdm/rtdm.h>  

#include <trank/rtdm/rtdm.h>

// #include <rtdm/uapi/rtdm.h>   The original code in the example, but there
is no rtdm.h file in uapi folder.

#include <linux/net.h>   /* required for rt_task_wait_period() changes */


When I compile the code, It throw an error :


In file included from frag-ip.c:37:0:

/usr/xenomai/include/trank/rtdm/rtdm.h:21:28: fatal error: rtdm/rtdm.h: No
such file or directory

compilation terminated.


The error is from “/usr/xenomai/include/trank/rtdm/rtdm.h” , and I put the
code below in rtdm.h



#include_next <rtdm/rtdm.h>              //Error is form this statement
#ifdef __cplusplus

extern "C" {



I use the makefile as below:


XENO_CONFIG := /usr/xenomai/bin/xeno-config

CFLAGS := $(shell $(XENO_CONFIG) --posix --alchemy --cflags)

LDFLAGS := $(shell $(XENO_CONFIG) --posix --alchemy --ldflags)

CC := gcc

EXECUTABLE := frag-ip


%: %.c

        $(CC) -o $@ $< $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS)


I am so confused, and I can’t sovle the problem , so if there some one
understand where this problem is?

Thanks for everyone who spend time to give me some help!

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