Using RTnet to communicate with regular UDP socket

Per Oberg pero at
Tue Mar 12 09:18:39 CET 2019


019, på kl 17:20, xenomai xenomai at skrev: 
> Hi everyone: 
> I am using xenomai + RTnet in Ubuntu,Xenomai version 3.0.5 Linux kernal version 
> 4.9.38. And the ethernet card is Intel e1000. 

> I'm going to use RTnet to communicate with regular UDP socket like a socket in 
> raw Linux . I need to implement two way communication between Xenomai and 
> another device witch is using regular UDP socket. In other words, RTnet socket 
> in Xenomai should sent datagram to the regular UDP socket . If the regular UDP 
> protocol can decode the rt-udp datagram and get right data? Besides, RTnet 
> socket in Xenomai should also receive datagram from regular UDP protocol, so if 
> the rt-udp in Xenomai can decode the regular UDP datagram? 
> Thanks for everyone who spend time to give me some help! 

Afaik, when you use the posix skin you may use the same UDP code in Xenomai as in regular Posix/Linux as long as you compile your program with the right flags. If your network destination/source is a RTNet address it will call the rt functions and if its an address belonging to the regular network it will call the regular linux code. 

Per Öberg 

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