smokey's fork tests hangs with glibc 2.28+ ?

Philippe Gerum rpm at
Mon Mar 11 15:19:00 CET 2019

On 3/11/19 3:08 PM, Lange Norbert via Xenomai wrote:
> Thats a rootfs which reproduces the issue. Identical setup, but glibc 2.27 will not reproduce.

The issue was introduced by [1], which already triggered a bug in the
glibc test suite [2]. In short, calling pthread_atfork() like
__cobalt_init() does over the context of a fork handler is now invalid,
because the glibc now holds the internal atfork_lock while running the
fork handlers. The cobalt fork handler needs to be registered earlier,
outside of such context.

This change was introduced between glibc-2.27.9000 and glibc-2.28.

[1] git://, 27761a104
[2] git://, 669ff911e


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