smokey's fork tests hangs with glibc 2.28+ ?

Jan Kiszka jan.kiszka at
Mon Mar 11 14:50:25 CET 2019

On 11.03.19 14:40, Lange Norbert wrote:
> Well, swapping out glibc with 2.27 removes the issue, so it has been introduced afterwards,
> the current buildroot will use 2.28 so you should be able to build yourself a reproducer that way.
> I will also attach a prebuilt rootfs once the clean rebuild is done.

Ok, thanks for narrowing that further down.

I just realized that buster (Debian 10) will use 2.28 as well. Will try that 
baseline as well.

> Unfortunately the smokey suite is not available with the Mercury core, might be easier to isolate that way.
> In the future, maybe some battletested glibc versions could be recommended for xenomai?

Maintained distributions are generally a good choice. My plan is to define and 
test reference images via, but we 
are not there yet.


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