Question about real-time networking

김병진 geniuskpj at
Fri Mar 8 10:05:29 CET 2019

Hello<br>I wanna use tcp or udp for real-time network.<br>i found an example from /home/kraptor/xenomai-v3.0.8/demo/posix/cobalt/eth_p_all<br>But it seems like not using rtnet.<br><br>Wiki says that i need to install Rtnet separately.<br>Is it right? I am trying to build rtnet tcp example without install.<br>Cause all function I need is in /xenomai/kernel/drivers/net/stack/<br>But what should I include or link?(cflags or ldflags)<br><br>Is there anyone who can help me?<br><br>Thank you.

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