Dual kernel made easy

Jorge Ramirez jro at xenomai.org
Mon Apr 29 22:24:55 CEST 2019

On 4/1/19 22:11, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Motivated by the pain we continue to inflict upon ourselves everytime
> we need to rebase the I-pipe over a recent kernel release, I started
> working to define its future replacement. Now that we have an
> implementation of its successor running reliably, my next step is to
> rebase the Cobalt ARM port on this new interface called Dovetail [1].
> This work is part of a larger effort to rethink the way independent
> software cores like Xenomai's integrate into the main kernel [2].
> This led to not only implement Dovetail, but also to showcase it with
> a new real-time co-kernel originally derived from Cobalt [3], which is
> simple and compact enough to be used as a learning tool for everyone
> interested in the dual kernel technology based on Linux.
> The purpose of this work is about making dual kernel easy, at least as
> simple as possible for people to develop and maintain their own
> software core of choice over the current mainline kernel.
> [1] https://evenless.org/dovetail/
> [2] https://evenless.org/
> [3] https://evenless.org/core/
Hi Philippe,

For a number of reasons - some personal and some professional - I am
interested in porting an IP stack to EVL.

I have asked around and it seems one of the most popular IP stacks
these days is LwIP [1]. In fact this stack seems to align well with
one of the goals you set for EVL, targeting simplicity.

Is this activity something you (or others) would be interested in

I am also extending the question to anyone on the ML willing to take
part on this of course.

[0] https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/lwip/
[1] http://www.nongnu.org/lwip/2_1_x/index.html

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