[Xenomai] [Announce] Xenomai 2.6.5

Gilles Chanteperdrix gilles.chanteperdrix at xenomai.org
Sat Jul 9 15:29:49 CEST 2016


you will find the latest release in Xenomai 2.6 branch here:

It contains fixes for known bugs in the 2.6.4 release, now almost
two years old, notably:
- a scheduler bug, fixed by commit b03e3d08379f236eb75b34c1b705e127c6e3b2e5
- a bug in ARM VFP support, fixed by commit d4e755b2a9909afb7bbd0a522ff1d97718494cd7

Users of the Xenomai 2.6 branch are encouraged to upgrade. It is
expected to be the last release in the 2.6 branch. It supports all
I-pipe patches up to those for Linux version 3.18. The short log

Thanks to all contributors.

Gilles Chanteperdrix (45):
      debian: also include the config directory in the xenomai-kernel-source package
      hal: fixups for kernel 3.16
      hal/arm: fixup for Linux 3.16
      posix: fix user-space interrupt syscalls
      hal/arm: simplify fpu handling
      nucleus/registry: initialize vfile structure to 0
      hal/xnlock: also indicate file, line and function in unlock debugging
      can/flexcan: avoid dereferencing clocks twice
      nucleus/timers: fix the timers situation
      posix/clock_host_realtime: fix error handling
      posix: avoid dereferencing user-space address
      autotools: regenerate
      posix/mutex: handle recursion count completely in user-space
      posix: fix pthread_once
      posix/mutex: avoid warnings
      posix/once: cosmetic fixes
      build: add .gitignore
      nucleus: replace do_munmap with vm_munmap
      nucleus/shadow: avoid tasklist_lock for find_task_by_pid
      hal/powerpc64: fix compilation with I-pipe patches >= 3.18
      nucleus/shadow: fix crash with debugs enabled
      testsuite/cond-torture: increase sleep duration
      testsuite/mutex-torture: increase sleep duration
      testsuite/mutex-torture: avoid race-condition
      nucleus/Kconfig: warn about CONFIG_MIGRATION
      hal/arm: fix VFP support
      testsuite/switchtest: detect more FPU errors.
      x86/fptest: do not use the same value for all the registers
      switchtest: set the registers before switching mode
      hal/x86: forbid compilation with Linux 4.0+
      switchtest: clarify the mode switch
      x86/fptest: add missing asm constraints
      switchtest: align kernel-space fpu register values
      posix/mutex,cond: allow static initializer
      doc: adapt to different installations of asciidoc and doxygen
      doc: fix generate-doc script after removal of docbook documentation
      posix/clock: remove documentation of internal function
      doc/sched: move sched documentation under nucleus section
      bump version number and bootstrap
      hal/arm: update patches
      hal/blackfin: update I-pipe patches
      hal/powerpc: update I-pipe patches
      hal/x86: update I-pipe patches
      doc: regenerate

Jeffrey Melville (2):
      posix/doc: Fix sched_get_priority(min|max) doc
      posix: fix pthread_mutex_timedlock for recursive mutexes.

Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz (2):
      drivers/analogy: fix detach logic
      drivers/analogy: remove unnecessary spinlock

Matthew Lindner (1):
      drivers/can: Properly initialize bittime

Philippe Gerum (14):
      native: fix user-space interrupt syscalls
      hal/arm: add specific calibration value for imx6q
      can/flexcan: fixup for kernel release >= 3.11
      arm/hal: silence C89 warning
      nucleus/pipe: care for spurious wakeups waiting for events
      nucleus: add default calibration value for imx7
      nucleus: fix calibration return for imx7
      nucleus/pod: fix missed rescheduling in SMP
      rtipc/bufp: fix wrong TX timeout
      hal/generic: add backward wrappers for legacy cpu mask ops
      scripts/prepare-kernel: allow building over 4.x kernel series
      ksrc, include: cope with introduction of user_msghdr
      testsuite/xeno-test-run: requesting /bin/sh is enough
      cobalt/x86: fix missing early clobber in asm

Stefan Roese (1):
      hal/arm: Add Zynq v3.14.17 patches


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