[Xenomai] process behaviour when running xenomai

Robert Berger gmane at reliableembeddedsystems.com
Fri Mar 7 22:14:19 CET 2014

Hi Gilles,

On 03/07/2014 03:21 PM, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:>
> Generally, before you report a non-working configuration of Xenomai,
> with a certain version of the kernel, please try the exact same kernel
> configuration without Xenomai.

I think I was not explicit enough in my previous email.
The problem that ethernet does not work is __NOT__ due to Xenomai!

It's a general problem with beagle-xm and 3.10 (and not just)
The workaround in theory is CONFIG_NOP_USB_XCEIV=M which will in best
case turn on the ethernet interface in user space and not allow the
kernel to load a rootfs over nfs.
My intention was to ask the op if he has the network up and running with
a 3.10 kernel and Xenomai.

Sorry for not being clear enough.



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