[Xenomai] Overrun error

Yogi A. Patel yapatel at gatech.edu
Wed Aug 27 05:22:45 CEST 2014

Hi -

I have ubuntu 14.04 running kernel 3.8 patched with xenomai 2.6.3.

I have the kernel configured with:

Processor type -> core 2/newer xenon
Preemption model -> low-latency desktop
ACPI -> Processor (disabled)

When I run the latency test, things are great (for hours at a time). Average latencies are 1-1.3us and no overruns.

These latency results remain even when I run my own real time software. 

However, the moment I open Firefox or chrome, I start seeing overruns.

This is confusing - I would think applications like web browsers would not have any reason to cause overruns.

It's very likely I don't understand how the overruns occur in such a situation and what causes an overrun.

Has anyone else seen similar issues?

Also, when reading the output of the latency test, why do the overrun values never go back to zero between printouts of the latency test?


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