[Xenomai] RTNet, CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_16550A, Kernel 3.14, preempt_rt patch

Reitinger, Peter preitinger at carl-valentin.de
Mon Aug 4 14:42:24 CEST 2014

Dear Xenomai people,

I read about RTNet 0.9.13 that it supports only Linux Kernels up to 3.2.
Is this still up-to-date? Or is there a new version (maybe not yet released) that is compatible with a newer Linux kernel, preferrable 3.14 or above?

I had problems to use rt_dev_send and receive, but now I noticed that in my kernel config CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_16550A has not been set. Is CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_16550A required for usage of rt_dev_send? If yes, is CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_16550A compatible with kernel 3.14.0?

Is there a relation between RTNet and CONFIG_XENO_DRIVERS_16550A?

I also wonder if it is possible to use the RT_PREEMPT patch on 3.14 together with xenomai? Do I have to do a 3-way merge to achieve this goal? I mean patch xenomai onto vanilla kernel 3.14. and then merge the patch for preempt_rt or in the other order?

Many thanks in advance also for former help...

Kind regards
Peter Reitinger

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