Xenomai API  2.6.5
rtdm_dev_context Struct Reference

Device context. More...

#include <rtdm_driver.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long context_flags
 Context flags, see Context Flags for details.
int fd
 Associated file descriptor.
atomic_t close_lock_count
 Lock counter of context, held while structure is referenced by an operation handler.
struct rtdm_operationsops
 Set of active device operation handlers.
struct rtdm_devicedevice
 Reference to owning device.
struct rtdm_devctx_reserved reserved
 Data stored by RTDM inside a device context (internal use only)
char dev_private [0]
 Begin of driver defined context data structure.

Detailed Description

Device context.

A device context structure is associated with every open device instance. RTDM takes care of its creation and destruction and passes it to the operation handlers when being invoked.

Drivers can attach arbitrary data immediately after the official structure. The size of this data is provided via rtdm_device.context_size during device registration.

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