Xenomai API  2.6.5
a4l_subdevice Struct Reference

Structure describing the subdevice. More...

#include <subdevice.h>

Data Fields

struct list_head list
 List stuff.
struct a4l_device * dev
 Containing device.
unsigned int idx
 Subdevice index.
struct a4l_buffer * buf
 Linked buffer.
unsigned long status
 Subdevice's status.
unsigned long flags
 Type flags.
 Tab of channels descriptors pointers.
a4l_rngdesc_t * rng_desc
 Tab of ranges descriptors pointers.
 Command capabilities mask.
int(* insn_read )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_kinsn_t *)
 Callback for the instruction "read".
int(* insn_write )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_kinsn_t *)
 Callback for the instruction "write".
int(* insn_bits )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_kinsn_t *)
 Callback for the instruction "bits".
int(* insn_config )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_kinsn_t *)
 Callback for the configuration instruction.
int(* do_cmd )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_cmd_t *)
 Callback for command handling.
int(* do_cmdtest )(struct a4l_subdevice *, a4l_cmd_t *)
 Callback for command checking.
int(* cancel )(struct a4l_subdevice *)
 Callback for asynchronous transfer cancellation.
void(* munge )(struct a4l_subdevice *, void *, unsigned long)
 Callback for munge operation.
int(* trigger )(struct a4l_subdevice *, lsampl_t)
 Callback for trigger operation.
char priv [0]
 Private data.

Detailed Description

Structure describing the subdevice.

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