Xenomai API  2.6.4
Here is a list of all modules:
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oXenomai nucleus.
|oThread state flags.Bits reporting permanent or transient states of thread
|oThread information flags.Bits reporting events notified to the thread
|oBuffer descriptors.
|oDynamic memory allocation services.
|oInterrupt management.
|oLightweight key-to-object mapping service
|oReal-time pod services.
|oRegistry services.
|oFile descriptors events multiplexing services.
|oReal-time shadow services.
|oThread synchronization services.
|oTime base services.
|oTimer services.
|\Virtual file services
oHAL.Generic Adeos-based hardware abstraction layer
oNative Xenomai API.
|oTask StatusDefines used to specify task state and/or mode
|oAlarm services.
|oBuffer services.
|oCondition variable services.
|oEvent flag group services.
|oMemory heap services.
|oInterrupt management services.
|oMutex services.
|oMessage pipe services.
|oMessage queue services.
|oCounting semaphore services.
|oTask management services.
|\Timer management services.
oReal-Time Driver Model
|oUser API
|oDriver Development API
||oInter-Driver API
||oDevice Registration Services
|||\Synchronisation Services
||oClock Services
||oTask Services
||oTimer Services
||oSynchronisation Services
||oInterrupt Management Services
||oNon-Real-Time Signalling Services
||\Utility Services
|\Device Profiles
| oCAN Devices
| oReal-time IPC protocolsProfile Revision: 1

| oSerial Devices
| \Testing Devices
oAnalogy API.
|oLibrary API.
||oLevel 1 API
|||oAsynchronous acquisition API
|||oDescriptor API
|||\Synchronous acquisition API
||oLevel 2 API
|||oAsynchronous acquisition API
|||oRange / conversion API
|||\Synchronous acquisition API
||\Level 0 API (Syscall API)
|| oDescriptor Syscall API
|| oBasic Syscall API
|| \Attach / detach Syscall API
|\Driver API.
| oChannels and ranges
| oDriver management services
| oSubdevice management services
| oBuffer management services
| oInterrupt management services
| \Misc services
oPOSIX skin.Xenomai POSIX skin is an implementation of a small subset of the Single Unix specification over Xenomai generic RTOS core
|oClocks and timers services.Clocks and timers services
|oCondition variables services.Condition variables services
|oInterruptions management services.Interruptions management services
|oMessage queues services.Message queues services
|oMutex services.Mutex services
|oSemaphores services.Semaphores services
|oShared memory services.Shared memory services
|oSignals services.Signals management services
|oThreads management services.Threads management services
||oThread cancellation.Thread cancellation
||oThreads scheduling services.Thread scheduling services
||\Thread creation attributes.Thread creation attributes
|\Thread-specific data.Thread-specific data