Xenomai API  2.6.4
timer.h File Reference
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void xntimer_destroy (xntimer_t *timer)
 Release a timer object.
static int xntimer_start (xntimer_t *timer, xnticks_t value, xnticks_t interval, xntmode_t mode)
 Arm a timer.
static void xntimer_stop (xntimer_t *timer)
 Disarm a timer.
static xnticks_t xntimer_get_date (xntimer_t *timer)
 Return the absolute expiration date.
static xnticks_t xntimer_get_timeout (xntimer_t *timer)
 Return the relative expiration date.
static xnticks_t xntimer_get_interval (xntimer_t *timer)
 Return the timer interval value.
unsigned long xntimer_get_overruns (xntimer_t *timer, xnticks_t now)
 Get the count of overruns for the last tick.
void xntimer_freeze (void)
 Freeze all timers (from every time bases).
void xntimer_tick_aperiodic (void)
 Process a timer tick for the aperiodic master time base.
void xntimer_tick_periodic (xntimer_t *timer)
 Process a timer tick for a slave periodic time base.

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